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GibGames LAN center info
The Gib Fest is a monthly LAN party in Fremont, California.

We have an office that includes a warehouse space that we converted into a "LAN center." It includes room for 50 people, ample power, network drops, a rack stuffed with AMD powered servers, 72 10/100 switch ports, Internet connectivity, tables and chairs and it's tucked away in a location where nobody will complain about us. It's conveniently close to highways 880 and 680 in south Fremont and right next to us is an Econo Lodge for those from out of the area.

Gib Fest - powered by AMD The address is:
45973 Warm Springs Blvd
Unit #4
Fremont, CA 94539


You are welcome to come visit, check the place out, or just hang out and drink beer play on our DSL that pings the GibGames servers at 20ms. Just be sure to call first and speak up at the answering machine. We have to screen calls due to the volume of telemarketing calls we get.

Clans are welcome to rent the place for matches. We've held some great 4 on 4 and 5 on 5 matches on our servers here at the facility. Prices range from $20 to $50 depending on duration. Contact us to make arrangements.

We have systems for rent for those who can't or don't want to lug one here. Prices is $15 for an entire LAN event with a 17" monitor or $20 with a 19" monitor. We have a small selection of 17" and 19" monitors available for $5 and $10 per event. Specs are as follows:

  • AMD XP 2400
    512 MBs DDR
    40 GB 7200 RPM HDs
    ATI Radeon 8500 video cards

  • Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u 19" monitors
  • HP Pavillion 19" monitors
  • IBM G72 17" monitors
If you intend to rent a system, you should plan to bring your own keyboard, mouse and headphones. We do have a small supply on hand, but people are usually pretty particular about what they use.

Our webcam is usually active so you can see the place - even when empty.

Here are some pics of the space:

The humble beginnings







And the humble opening event

gibgames.net LAN Events
May 29th, 2003GibGames Gib Fest 1.0Grand opening event w/video card drawing
June 28th, 2003Flickshot RA3/Q3 LAN PartyHosted by Jared "warped" Pryor
July 12th, 2003GibGames Gib Fest 2.0Open 24 hour gaming event w/video card drawing
August 9th, 2003GibGames Gib Fest 3.0Open 24 hour gaming event w/$100 CS tournament
September 5th, 2003Flickshot RA3/Q3 LAN PartyHosted by Jared "warped" Pryor
October 18th, 2003GibGames Gib Fest 4.0Open 24 hour gaming event w/$100 CS tournament
November 15th, 2003iDA Clan UT LAN partyOld school UT / Insta-Gib LAN party - info here
December 13th, 2003gibgames.net LAN Food Drive12 hour open event - prize drawings - admission = canned/non-perishable foods
January 10th, 2004GibGames Gib Fest 5.0Open 24 hour gaming event (let's see those new toys!)
January 23-25, 2004Flickshot IIIFlickshot RA3/Q3 LAN Party
March 13-14, 2004GibGames Gib Fest 6.0Open 24 hour gaming event with cash and prizes
April 24-25, 2004GibGames Gib Fest 7.0Open 15 hour gaming event with cash and prizes
July 10-11, 2004GibGames Gib Fest 8.0Open 24 hour gaming event with cash and prizes
August 6th, 2004Flickshot RA3/Q3 LAN PartyHosted by Jared "warped" Pryor
October 16-17, 2004GibGames Gib Fest 9.0Open 24 hour gaming event with cash and prizes
December 11, 2004gibgames.net LAN Food Drive #212 hour open event - prize drawings - admission = $5 + canned/non-perishable food item(s)
February 19, 2005GibGames Gib Fest 10.0Open 15 hour gaming event with cash and prizes
April 23, 2005GibGames Gib Fest 11.0Open 15 hour gaming event with cash and prizes
May 21, 2005The LAST Gib Fest evar!Open 15 hour gaming event with an auction, smack talk and tears :(

This space is available for rent for your own party too. Just contact us for info.

And now for some of the important details:

  • Bring headphones - no speakers will be allowed.
  • Bring a power strip - we have plenty of power and outlets, but you are responsible for appropriate surge protection for your system.
  • Bring a short Cat-5 cable - each space has a network "drop" or jack that you can plug in to. We have spares, but there is no guarantee they will work.
  • Bring your power cables - we have a few spares of these as well, but the supply gets lower after each event.
  • We no longer use DHCP - write down your old settings if you have to. We will issue an IP when you arrive.
  • Virus scan and patch your damn system! - if you don't have virus detection, hit Trendmicro.com and get a free on-line scan.
  • Internet connectivity is available, however we like to preserve the bandwidth to invite friends to join us on the servers from afar. Use the Intranet for file downloads since almost anything you could need is already here.
  • If you have wireless, you can use this for Internet access, but it's external only.
  • No smoking inside. If you smoke outside, don't litter. Place your butts in the can.
  • There is no MAID and your MOM doesn't clean up after you here. Don't be a slob.
  • The cameras are active. ANYONE seen stealing or damaging others equipment will be held for the police.
  • If you are under 21, don't even think about drinking alcohol.
  • If you are under 18, you MUST have this parental consent form signed.
  • EVERYONE must have this liability waiver signed.

*There is a Fry's less than two miles away if you forget any of the necessary items such as headphones or special cables.


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